Tuesday, August 09, 2011

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A couple of reports from last weekend -

Melvin looks like he had a great ride in last Sundays Ryedale Rumble, finishing the 111 mountainous miles (Blakey Bank, Rosedale Chimney to name just 2 of the climbs). He finished 2nd fastest out of the 100+ finishers (I know its not a race - but most of those taking part don't), 18 seconds slower than his friend Roger Palfreyman whom I assume he rode round with, these two were a long way ahead of the rest of the field - the web site I gleaned this information from had a link to www.cyclingimages.co.uk on which I viewed some really good pics of our hero doing his Tommy Voeckler impressions climbing what looks like the road up to Blakey Ridge and gurning on Mel's wheel appears to be Robin although I can't find him on the result sheet ?

The weather certainly looked better over the NY Moors than round the MT Loop. Just 4 turned up for this classic mountain bike route, Steve Cavell, Paul Daly, Paul's mate Mark and myself. We set off from Callis Bridge up to Blackshaw Head in slight drizzle; to cut the story short it just got heavier. Steve, as he'd always intended, headed off down the road to Tod from the Holme Chapel road crossing. The rest of us got about 3 quarters of the way round by which time we were soaked to the skin and frozen so we headed home on the road - it took me a good hour to stop shivering once I got home - think we'll have to try it in Feb or March when we're more likely to have good weather.

Brian and Grimpy were riding the latest event in the Percy Stallard Vets Road Racing Series, the Alford Wheelers event down in Lincolnshire. Grimpy, who was defending his lead in the series finished 5th, with Brian 2nd to Richard Booth.

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