Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ryedale Rumbled

Thanks to Peter - As the pictures show it was a hard day (for some of us) and if you go back through the pictures a couple of shots you can see Roger and Stefan, a friend from Ilkley, who joined us for the ride. (Not to mention the nice lady who was between us at this point !)

We all started together (not the lady) but they weren't accepting entries on the day so Robin and Stefan weren't timed. I was glad of a few more wheels to share the work on a dry but windy day. The pictures are on Blakey Ridge, the first of 3 hor categories, the second was a pig called Caper Hill and the third Rosedale Chimney, all with parts at 1 in3 - with plenty of lumps in between.

Unfortunately a late cassette/chain replacement left me with a 39x25 bottom gear which I just couldn't grind up Rosedale and forced me to walk the steepest bit. (I'm back on a 28 sprocket now !)

It was great to be on different roads and in some stunning scenery. It was Robins first time in the area and he seemed to enjoy it, so much in fact that he dropped off over Wheeldale Moor so he could properly appreciate it.

We finished with 6 hrs 12 mins for 111 miles at 18+ mph.
I am not around for the next two weekends, but its about time I blew the the dust off my mountain bike !

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