Monday, August 01, 2011

Mary Towneley Loop - 7 August 2011

Pete Horne asked me to blog this up:

"I've arranged a MTB ride next Sunday around Mary Towneley Loop (backwards) meeting 08:00 prompt at Callis Bridge"

My helpful comments:
1. Is Pete any good at riding backwards? Maybe he is. At least riding backwards it's more difficult to fall on your face.
2. Oh I see. Riding the route backwards. Not his bike.
3. Callis Bridge is the car park on the right about 1 mile out of Hebden Bridge on the A646 toward Tod.
4. C'mon Nigel you know how you love this route. Maybe its lovely when its not tipping down with torrential rain like last time.
5. Very sadly, I can't make this ride.

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