Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday 12th June

Only four turned up at the Ritz Brighouse, Pete, Mick, Simon and myself. I was a little surprised given that it was such a warm sunny early summer morning but I hadn't read the weather forecast, others obviously had.

Not the prettiest route out skirting Bradford on the ring road but we eventually got to Esholt and the scenery got a little better. I think the ride was heading for Bolton Bridge but I turned at Otley as I had some work to finish for Monday (just finished now).

I didn't take the direct route home but headed for Ilkley and returned to Bradford via the Cow and Calf and Baildon. Got caught in the downpour that didn't stop all afternoon heading out of Brighouse but as I only had a further half hour to go it wasn't too bad.

Will be interested to know how the other three got on, Pete and Simon were in shorts and Simon short sleeves; the prospect of 30 plus miles home in that rain would not be pleasant


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