Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Worlds masters cyclo cross zilvermeer- mol

A report from the man himself....................................................................................
Finished 4th again, worse still again behind Vic Barnett who was 3rd. On the positive side I felt I wasn't running on empty (I finally managed to train hard for 3 weeks and even race 3 times). 1st was a big dutchman Theo Broere followed by a little belgium Romhan Boelens ( new guys to me)
The course was great a lot different than previous years due I guess to new UCI rules and site alterations, not quite Alton Towers on sand but great fun.
The secret is to accept some sections you just can't ride others you have to hit slow and then push through the sand in a big gear. The rest is hard pack forest land fast (big ring) with great cambers, some hand built wide steps interwound with tarmac and a man made jump. Just got to mind the pine trees?
I again had a poor start, my fault couldn't get my jacket off at the start line over my dam gloves reminds me off some guy with no key for his lock?
Off course a BC official is helping Vic I look at him requesting assistance and he ignored me?
international star?, still I pay my fees?
By the time we get out of first sand section I am 6th, move up to 5th then take half a lap to get past a french guy. I can see the first three but thats it i can't get nearer, no excuses i'm going ok and get better each lap thro the sand passing lots of younger females who started earlier nice views although no takers?

On sunday I went to the world cup meeting at Hoogerhieme in NL
No UK juniors, Helen Wyman was 3rd on the grid finishing 8th.
The elites race was amazing, incidently all the top guys use shimano electronic gears, got to be good to work ok in cross? The course was 3Km, includes starting & finishing on a flyover some serious mud and they were still lapping in around 6mins
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