Monday, January 24, 2011

23 Jan - Farne Hill takes no prisoners

Hi Richard. Thanks for the write-up. Glad to hear you had an OK ride in the end.

The right turn from the A629 goes to Farnehill, which was a new route for me, but Andy Marshall assured us that he knew the way. We passed a few pleasant houses then turned up a decidedly unpleasant hill. It was a bit of a shock after the flat stuff and had several people on the ropes immediately. A crest and a right turn let most of us rejoin the troop, but our Condor team-mate wasn't to be seen and was eventually left for dead by the lead riders. I'll not say who gave the deciding shout, but sadly I won't ever be in a position to return the favour and leave him behind.

It must have been a while since Andy was last up here, but we followed his lead onto a super-smooth back road. The tarmac was enticingly perfect, but the road was a dead end. Maybe the top brass in the Aire valley road repair dept lives here? So after struggling up we freewheeled back down and then followed signposts to Draughton, getting us back to the familiar route across the Cringles. Then to Halton East and, staying on the back roads, through Appletreewick to Burnsall (cafe too busy; Andy turned here) and over Thorpe.

We were a long time in Cracoe cafe (as Robin predicted - he set off straight home), but I was glad of my "cyclists special" when it eventually came. By the way, searching for "Jacksons of Cracoe" provided this image of a full breakfast - recorded by some Japanese traveller. And we think their food is strange ... what would you make of this if your main diet until then had been rice, sushi, veg and healthy noodles!

That just left a familiar route home and, surprisingly, I was still in contact in Keighley. Some temporary lights on Ingrow must've upset Nige and he launched a stinging (but inevitably short-lived) attack along the pavement. That encouraged a split, with me now tapping out a steady rhythm in a rearguard posse along with Neil and ChrisT (not sure why he was back here, something about a dodgy knee I think).

Well Waddington has been mentioned again for next week. Usual starting point - 9am Denholme and 9:30 in Keighley.

Club meeting this week Jan 26th - let me know if you want pie & peas ordering.

Works dinner - menu choices to Paul G as soon as you can please.

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  1. Hello

    I've been reading some of your blog and the routes you go on seem interesting.
    I've only just moved to Hebden Bridge and wonder if I can come out with you on Sunday please?

    I'm a fairly capable cyclist but the maximum I've ever cycled is about 50 miles, so I understand if I get left behind!

    If it is possible, I was wondering where is the best place to meet you as it looks like you maybe going through Denholme and Keighley.
    Maybe I'd be best going straight up from Pecket Well to Keighley?

    Also, do you have lunch out or do you all bring enough food for the trip?

    Thanks in advance