Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday 25th cont.

Thanks Richard, its always a relief when it isn't me doing the yo-yoing. It was great to be on the Coverdale & Upper Nidderdale lanes, shame more did'nt make the run. The highlights (in addition to the great route) were definitely the all-day breakfast at How Stean (thanks both for the loan) and Mel puncturing going up the steepest bit of Park Rash (I did consider pottering on whilst he changed inner tubes but decided he would only make me regret it later).

I'm riding a 300k Audax on Saturday (Vale of York & Wolds if anyone else fancies it) so I'll be taking a day off on Sunday. The following Saturday, 8th May, I've entered the Swaledale Outdoor Club's 160k 'Daves Dales Tour' from Richmond. I think Mel said he is going to join me, its only £4 or £5 to enter and is equal to any Sportive (and good training for those of you who have entered the following weeks Dales Etape). The following Tuesday (11th) a group of us are having a steady potter around the Fred Whitton route, starting and finishing Staveley rather than Coniston (to save on the driving). Its an 8am start and there's an open invitation for you to join us.

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