Saturday, May 01, 2010

Sun 2 May - mtb nine at mine

The suggestion for this Sunday is to get the mountain bikes out again. So far its Nige, Steve & myself starting from my house in Wainstalls from 9am. Route to be decided but Copley and the Deer Park have been mentioned. Ian.
Ride Report - Withens, Ogden, Back Lane, Manywells Brow (past the tip - we get to all the best places, you know), pick up signs for "Calder-Aire Link", through the woods, Wilsden Old Lane, Narrow Lane, R&L onto climb to St Ives (cafe!), "Altar Lane", L&R across sandy moorland onto Bingley Rd to Crosshills, Haworth, out to Stairs Lane (& some walking for me) , drainage channel to Fly Flats & 2nd drainage channel to finish off Warley Moor.

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  1. Fanying around on your mountain bike isn't going to get you ready for the Etape du Dales Steve!

    Looks like it's a solo ride in to the Peak District for me tomorrow then. I'm considering Pete's "Fred Whitton" Tuesday week and a few hard miles are probably what's called for.

    Won't be out on Wednesday as it's the start of the Summer cross season although I might call in at the Caty