Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring into the Dales

A fine day on Sunday and a good attendance from the Condor - some highs and some lows

First the lows

Being passed going up over the Herders by a Huddersfield Star Wheeler rider, of Clydsdale proportions, dropping him on the descent only to be passed by him once again on the following climb - gravity sucks but it would seem it sucks more for some than for others!

Catching Ian and Steve at the top of Cock Hill, losing them on the Herders, catching them once again in Burnsall, but completely failing to make contact; I understand that just as I entered the village they entered the Wharf View Café to endorse their brevet cards with an unofficial bacon and egg sandwich, – sharp practice of the most despicable kind!

And now the highs

Dropping my friend from the Huddersfield Star Wheelers on the road in to Burnsall and never seeing him again all day - he who laughs last laughs longest - ha ha ha!

Catching John G and Pete Whitley just before Bolton Abbey and staying with them all the way to Keighley where John, who did not like the look of the queue at Rossi’s café, slipped away on his own

Leading a group of five up Ingrow; and riding three off my wheel. Yes, yes - I know this was hardly the leading group, but you must understand how sweet this felt having suffered for many years watching the elastic stretch and ultimately brake on this benighted hill.

Hope to see a few of you this Sunday - Denholme Gate at 9?

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