Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hi Everyone,
CONDOR  CROSS  Saturday 31st October venue as before at  Bradley Woods Scout Camp, Brighouse HG6 3TU
Events and times are:
Youth 11:00 £4.00 (£4.00)  duration approx 30mins
Under 12 11:45 £1.00 (£1.00) duration approx. 15 mins ( maybe 2 off depends on number) 
S/J/V/W 13:00 £10.00 (£10.00) duration approx, 50 mins
We need your help to make it a success again, all assistance kindly appreaciated
I will be on site from 8.30 am complete with tape and marker posts parked hopefully (as normal) in the area just before the
gate entry to the course which is just before the site bungalows.   
We need 2 groups to prepare the course, one for the top section and another for the bottom section.
Plus marshalls, judges, signing on officials etc.
Trevor to my knowledge is ok for the signing on steward with maybe help from Peter?
Ian to help Gordan & Father judging please, i am hoping Norra & Phil will also assist. 
Please bring a knife, hammer & work gloves.
I will be getting some new poles and tape. 
Please kindly Email me a full set of individual Email addresses so i can also send individual reminders.
Kindly inform me when the next meeting is please
Thanks - look forward to seeing everyone available to help
John Ginley

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