Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grimpys Cross & Sunday 1st November

Grimpy's Cyclo-Cross took place today at Bradley Woods and was once again a success with over 70 riders taking part in the main event of the day, the seniors and vets combined race. The weather was spot-on for this ideal location which had also attracted large fields for the schoolkids races.

Tomorrow we are meeting 0900hrs at Keighley roundabout for a road run up to Buckden, round the triangle and down to either Kettlewell or Burnsall cafe.

Next Sunday 8th Nov I've entered the Eureka 200k Audax, a pleasent meander through the lanes of Cheshire and the Wirrel. Mick Collins and a few of his mates from Brighouse are also entered. Note that it is pre-entry only however you can enter on-line, or try 'phoning the organiser.

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  1. Any results for the seniors race yet?

  2. Any results for the seniors race yet?

  3. Come on pete - is it pre entry only or can you enter on the line - the first sort of precludes the other.

    Whateve it is i don't think i'll be coming i think i'll join the soft lads for buns in burnsall!