Monday, November 23, 2015

Lothersdale Lanes

Lothersdale Lanes

After a week of what has seemed to be a constant torrential downpour, it was a pleasant surprise to see a dry gap, with a cold sunny morning for our club run. With the previous days scattering of snow mainly thawing, my ride to Keighley was bracing but wrapped up warm, it was great to feel the Witch of Winter snapping at my face. Speaking to Steve Barker briefly on Cock Hill, he explained he wouldnt be playing out, having got sodden everyday on a roof last week.
4 Condors met at Keighley, Ian, Nigel, Oakworth Steve and myself. The route was discussed and so we set course, jumping on the back of a large group which provided a tow out to Cononley. Onward to Broughton and Gargrave. We passed around the back of Bank Newton to find refueling and refreshment at The Pantry Cafe West Marton. This little wooden refuge is a great place taking up what seems to be an old fashioned fueling station/ mechanics workshop. In fact we were so impressed that Ian rated it at the top of the egg-o-meter with a full half dozen score!

Just as we had finished remodeling Shimanos shifting technology, improving Zipps rolling-resistance and generally putting the world back together, 2 bedraggled riders came through the door. Pete Horne and Single Simon, who had taken a hilly route via Keighley Tarn. As proper gentlemen of the Condor we waited for them to dine, slurping the last dead dregs of the teapot, to set off together. It was south-east to Elslack, Ian punctured but was soon back to his usual self, (fully inflated!). Lothersdale awaited us,  which was lovely as Ive never ridden these roads and a few great climbs. We reversed a section of Sping into Dales and over the Herders. A deviating zig zag led us to The Old Silent where we partook in a naughty beer!
A shorter than normal route but as always a great ride with great blokes!
 Cheers Chaps!


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