Friday, November 20, 2015

22 November - a suggestion

Every now and then I'll click on the blog to see what's happening. After what feels like several weeks of looking at Chris's new mudguard extension, let's get a plan together for this Sunday. Mind you, most of us have been looking at his back wheel all year. That's due of course to all of the sterling work that Chris has done at the front of the group, and nothing at all to do with the rest of us being older and slower, or me hiding at the back whenever possible.

My suggestion then is to meet 09:30 in Keighley. Not sure of the route yet but a potter round some lovely lanes in Lothersdale followed by a pint in the Old Silent could be a plan. Wrap up warm 'cos there is forecast to be a chill northerly, and we won't be going very fast either (hopefully).

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