Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sunshine in Slaidburn

Its back to road bikes this week for the sunny roads of Lancashire out to Slaidburn. 9am at the lights in Hebden Bridge.

It may have been decidedly chilly and autumnal first thing but the roads were indeed sunny out to Slaidburn. The only problem was that the dappled sun through the leaves left Robin unable to focus clearly on the road ahead under some trees, resulting in a snakebite puncture from a nasty hole. The next issue was that our intrepid companion had forgotten his tubes and pump, but we sorted him out. I suspect that he'd spent rather too long choosing exactly the right set of matching jersey, shorts and cap from an extensive wardrobe. Here's hoping that the modelling contract will follow soon:

Much to our amusement ...
BUTTY REPORT: a rush of orders lead to a long wait and service below the usual standard. Nigel had to wrestle the rind from his bacon and our search for a sufficiently study teacake* must continue. The Riverside cafe scores 5 eggs out of the maximum half-dozen for their efforts this week.

*We'd ridden so far that apparently they are now barms, or possibly baps, in these here parts.

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