Friday, August 21, 2015

Mountain Biking with Peter

Due to hols only two intrepid off roaders departed from Brighouse last night. Peter decided on a steady night with a route down the canal to Norland and onto Rishworth. Conversation started with Brian's amazing national veterans title wins in the last 2 weeks. Completing the 50 champs in a 1hr 50 and a week later winning the 30's championship. Even Ian Cammish congratulated Brian although he did point out the front carbon wheel he purchased was inserted wrong way round having the backend of the carbon blades hitting the air turbulence instead of visa versa.Still better than my Marie Townley loop challenge, which I managed to get lost my excuse anti clockwise loop instead of clockwise with Peter and Simon the week previous. Still whilst one hour down on fastest managed to come in 7th out of 45 finishers.  
Prior to the salterhebble basin I expected Pete to turn towards Clay House, to take the climb up to norland. Straight on, expectation then up to norland on the gravel road from copley? No straight on again seemingly Peter was taking me on a Paul Daly route? We arrived at the new road bridge opposite Lloyds data center crossed the bridge to take an immediate left and right under the railway bridge. 
Pete then took a left onto a bridleway like road. I pointed out the signs 'private no bikes etc.'Pete uttered 'no wonder we got abuse on this route with Paul' A sharp right led us to a bramble edged narrow climb heading in the general direction of what I would describe as the road below the once called blue ball pub. The first section was full of relatively large loose stones eventually the terrain eased and it was a pleasant pull in a low gear. After a sharp right we continued upwards. 
Initially I was maybe 10m behind Pete but gradually I brought him back when all of a sudden Pete keeled over in what looked an innocuous slow motion fall straight into the bramble bushes with his MB lying on top of him.Immediately I noted a large portion of skin was removed from his calve area leaving the muscle exposed. It was clean almost like you could expect from a surgical operation. How’s that happened? Looking for some sharp object none? 
Unfortunately Pete had fallen onto his chainring. I said better get down to find some transport so I departed with Pete following at a steady pace. Got to the bridge to realize I left my iPhone at home having been in iCloud land trying to load some data from my Mac.Pete arrived to organize ambulance support. Luckily he wasn't loosing much blood good job as he ended up giving the call center (thought it was in India) continual instructions on our location. 
Paramedic arrives at Copley old bridge, more discussions I’m organized up to the traffic lights to direct him. He arrives in a few minutes in his Skoda estate, pleasant guy even cycled? Peter meanwhile was coping real well after enquiring if he needed anything - Viagra? Blood pressure and heart rate monitored he was deemed fit to be transported to A & E. 
I contacted him this morning to find he had 19 stitches and unfortunately will be out of action for sometime. Indicating the Vuelta Espana starts on Saturday he said he closed the Eurosport account. I said he needed to contact father who used the Eurosport streaming player on his smart TV for £4 per month. That’s a turn up when you go to PG for PC advise?Anyway Pete’s s on the mend and wont be able to direct our Wednesday rides for sometime?  

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