Sunday, August 02, 2015

Mary Townley

I think if Ian had been with us today he would have changed his mind about the Mary Townley Loop. The route ticks all the mountain biking boxes and the weather today was just right, not hot, not cold, a light breeze. There were puddles in places from yesterdays downpour and we did get a little dirty but I'm happy to report that the muck washed off in the shower.
Grimpy, Simon and I left Callis Bridge at just turned 8am and were back there 6½ hrs later having stayed together throughout sharing gate opening duties equally. A perfect day really, no punctures, no mechanicals, no crashes, no getting lost and no 'bonking', the only downside being Grimpy's new mountain bike getting dirty.

May it all go as well for John next Sunday, he's entered the MT Loop Sportive - I'm going to stick to once a year.

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