Sunday, June 21, 2015

Good Companions & Next Thurs Evening MTB

Not really mid summer weather, 9 degrees and a pretty strong westerly wind as I was riding out to the start of the Good Companions 200k Audax today. On arrival at Mytholmroyd Community Centre I was pleased to find that I wasn't the only Condor there, Melvin and Chris were enjoying a second breakfast, Graeme Brown was making a rare but welcome appearance, Carl Kershaw had been granted a rare Sunday passout and at the last moment Robin rolled up on his super new thoroughbred.

Our little band soon took to the head of the field and before long we had a great little group of good companions with the above named being joined by Lancashire lad, Nathan Poulton we pottered on in a disciplined manor ignoring the frequent showers enjoying a chat as the miles passed. Robin came up with some excuse about having to catch a plane to Athens and turned right at Ribchester to head for home via the Nick o' Pendle. We continued through Longridge, the Fylde Peninsula and Cockerham Sands to the re-invented Lantern O'er Lune Bistro at Glasson Dock where we met many of the 600 k 3 Coasts riders who had been at it since 6am on Saturday - I felt no regrets only doing the 200 (I'm getting old). After a too long but enjoyable lunch we set off on the return leg with a tail wind. Once we hit the Bowland hills over to Chipping I was found lacking and together with Carl we said goodbye to the fast boys who set a blistering pace to the finish. Another good day out, the change of terrain being a breath of fresh air. Thanks once again to Chris Crosland and his team and thanks to Graeme for the pics.

This coming Thursday, to celebrate mid-summer we're meeting an hour early for the MTB ride, 5.30pm at the usual place, outside Websters at the bottom of Hudds Rd Brighouse for a ride which will take us over Ogden Moors and Haworth Old Road down to Hardcastle Craggs and back on the canal bank - all welcome.

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