Monday, February 23, 2015

The short version

Here is a quick report on the 'short version' - firstly of the NW Passage on Saturday and then the Imps Reliability Ride on Sunday. I suspect that Strava will already have given most of this away. We got round both rides at a reasonable but not quick pace and other than having perhaps a few miles too many of busy main roads overall it was a satisfying weekend.

We didn't see any other Condors for the short NWP setting off at 9am. At least by then it had warmed up a little bit. I guess the 8am hard men may have been a tad chilled for the first few miles. Our bunch sadly thinned out quite quickly leaving us with just three lads who rode well but were on best bikes with naked wheels - there was a notable absence of clubman's extensions to their (non-existent) mudguards.

This select group stayed together to the cafe checkpoint at Waddington where, as Pete will be glad to hear, the butties were up to scratch and the tea was served in plentiful quantity. After that we were on our own and for a while I feared for a tough time getting home, until the food worked through to the legs and I could settle into a steady pace in the sunshine with a tailwind over Hasslingden Moor and Owd Betts. Also, fortunately, uncle Nigel was on hand to navigate round various busy motorway roundabouts and dismal mill towns. Back for 2 and off home well before the long-uns came in to tell their tales of 200k heroics.

On Sunday the legs were somewhat reluctant to get going but they did and contrary to my usual excuses I managed to find Brighouse unaided and even get there in plenty of time to hand over my 40 shillings and sign up for JK's 2015 torture fest. Grimpy, Brian, Phil, Richard all joined us there and formed the core of our group, with the occasional guest rider sitting on. On paper this seems like an easy route of 55 gentle miles. On the road it was hard going and especially tough at the end into the snow. That bit from Keelham Farm Shop to Northowram, some 4 miles that could pass in a flash in summer, instead seemed interminable - and it just wouldn't end either. The pub promised "a warm welcome and a roaring fire" and sadly disappointed on both counts. Sodden and freezing I needed a welcome lift home in a warm car and didn't thaw through until Monday!

A long report anyone?

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