Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday 26th January

Water, Water Everywhere!

Todays Riders
  • Melvin
  • Chris
  • Irish John (VS Cycles)
  • Dougie (VS Cycles)
  • Adrian (British Cycling Disabled Team)
With grim, cold, wet weather from the outset this morning, it was swiftly decided that a quick bash up to Burnsall Cafe would be a sensible choice of route.
It was head down, ass up as we were buffeted by blustery squally showers. A fast ( ish ) pace was essential to avoid the ill effects of the cold setting in on Lycra clad bones.
Typical winter training. Clinging on to the wheel in-front whilst avoiding rain filled pot holes. Sleety snow started as we approached Cracoe with Minus 1 degree C registering on Johns Garmin. A hind puncture was the only thing to slow Melvin, which was efficiently attended to, as the rest of us shivered pathetically, and we were soon again rolling along.
A warm welcome at the Cafe was appreciated with great hospitality as usual. Once refueled and thawed, we hoped the weather would fair a little. It didn't!
Pressing on regardless past Bolton Abbey we enjoyed our first glimmer of sunshine  Splitting at Addingham, Keighley and Ingrow we made our separate ways home, to enjoy the satisfying post-ride feeling which is only obtainable by getting out there and turning a crank.

"  Winter Training rides, Win Summer Races "  APPARENTLY!

   Chris Smith

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