Monday, January 13, 2014

BC National Cross Champs

Anyway i gave PG instructions on my iPhone to take pics but somehow he managed to take 6 of the guy who was second in my cat but none of me?? 

                                        Eventually i manage to get an official BC Podium pic

For the record i won the  O70’s cat (not to difficult only 2 finishers- mick ives was ill- PG said he didn’t start because coach PG was present?) as a saving grace i would have been 2nd in O65’s.
Still aching never had so much off the bike to contend with ideally you should have change bike each 1/2 lap. Trainer PG really struggled as they wouldn’t give him any pit water, 
Funny really because one lap i came in to find he disappeared, turns out he was on other side of pit still trying to clear the mud. 
                                                   Grimpy actually riding 

Ian Taylor and Andy Peace were in there element in the O40’s race. Craig just seems to float on mud, wins vets then comes third in elite race
still he’s only 44?
Can't wait for a sunday soon in hell, meanwhile i'm having a detrain with Maureen - see you soon  

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