Monday, August 05, 2013

Bad News

Bad news regarding Huddersfield CTC's John Radford, known to many Condors as organiser of the Brimham Rocks Audax.

Martyn Bolt
10:52am Aug 5
Cyclists from the area are asked to join a social ride on Wednesday evening to show support for a local rider injured a week ago

John Radford, 69, of Meltham is a well known figure in the cycling community organising many events ( such as The Examiner’s annual charity cycle ride), working locally and nationally as a CTC Councillor, and organising and taking part in many events himself

John was hit by a car in New Mill last Wednesday. He had returned from taking part in the marathon London-Edinburgh-London ride on Monday evening and his solo ride on Wednesday was a steady cycle for fun.

John is currently in a serious condition in Leeds General Infirmary following the incident and police have arrested the driver and occupants of the car which hit him.

The 6.5 mile ride which will leave St George’s Square , Huddersfield at 6pm , under the name Justice for John is a way of friends and fellow cyclists showing support and solidarity for John and his family.

The ride will be led by Johns daughters Emma and Helen and a collection will be taken in Support of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance who airlifted John to hospital

If you need further details please contact martyn 0752 898 8817

Re: John Radford
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As far as I know, members of John's family are aware of this thread, and of other related discussions elsewhere.

For a couple of days, updates on John's condition have indicated that there has been no change. However, John's daughter Emma has posted the following message on the Huddersfield CTC facebook page this morning:

"i would just like to say a huge thank you for all the best wishes and prayers that are being said for my dad john radford, this is certainly the toughest journey he will ever go on, he is struggling to say the least, yesterday we were told that the journey got tougher as he now has a chest infection, anti biotics will hopefully address this. My dad is so poorly and as a family we are feeling very desperate, we saw west Yorkshire Air Ambulance land again at LGI last night which made me realise how we take certain things for granted, the service treated my dad and apparently he had one of the best Doctors travelling with him from New Mill to Leeds, on arrival he had already been ventilated and his condition and treatment were already being voiced to the staff in A and E meaning his scan and treatment could start as soon as he arrived, i can not thank the staff enough for their hard work.
The police are heavily involved with my dads accident and did make two arrests as unfortunately their is a witness to say that the accident was not actually an accident and that the driver drove into him on purpose which i feel extremely angry about and deeply saddened.
thanks again and i will up date when possible "

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