Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm happy to report that Simon finished the  London-Edinburgh-London at 6pm today. 1400 km of pure pleasure or 3½ days of misery?       Probably a mix of both.    I look forward to hearing the full account; hopefully he will be doing a write up for the blog.

Whilst Simon was engaged on more lofty matters the rest us were left to potter around Yorkshire. 16 or 17 turned out for todays social ride, those who, due to the weather forecast didn't turn early, made our way to Barden via Otley and the back road from Cavendish taking lunch at the Strid Tearooms.
The day will probably be best remembered for the return journey over Keighley Gate from Ilkley to East Morton bringing back childhood memories of long ago CTC rides for several of those present.
We managed to avoid rain until the last half hour or so when, showing impressive common sense we caped up and came straight home from Wilsden instead of the planned route along the Great Northern Trail and up that much loved climb of Station Road to Queensbury.

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