Monday, May 13, 2013

CONDOR ROAD RACE saturday 18th May

A polite reminder to those who haven't responded so far, we need everyone to support the event, latest position is: 
Start sheet/programme done and we have 3 lead cars assigned, 2 judges alocated,need at least another.
Have a number of marshalls more needed? we have again the kind support of Ross Smith for signing on and with a bit of luck Richard Booth will be assisting - although in his case if he's late (travelling from teeside) another volunteer is required? 
Need a volunteer to support Martin Cleminson who will be posting all the major warning signs on the course to be at Greetland Community HQ for 8.30?
I will be at the HQ from around 8.15 on saturday meanwhile you can contact me visa Email on or mob 07973 328995.
Hopefully if i can do it and blogging allows i will attach both the rider list and race programme to assist everyone. 
Meanwhile i would like to thank everyone for there kind support. 
Finally club members riding are Damien, Melvin and young Peeps also Sean Smith from the imps.  
Sorry i can't attach a pdf but i have managed to use a feature on my PC which takes a pic of screen and gives you rider list & programme notes hope they are useful? see you saturday 


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