Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Ronde van Calderdale

Excellent ride round our local cobbled climbs last Sunday. Mick Collins and the whole of the organising team really looked after the riders and it was a real pleasure to be riding with people new to the area and listen to there appreciation of our South Pennine scenery. The below links give access to a couple of ride reports that have been published elsewhere.



Our star rider, Melvin, had a day he will want to forget. Not feeling great at the start still recovering from man-flu things got worse when he shredded a new tyre on the Fly Flatt road and had to call out Nigel with a new tyre - I don't know the full story - he was still too upset to tell me at the finish, perhaps if he's now recovered his composure he will give us the full sad story.
I managed to float off the back of the leading group as early as the drag up from Colne Bridge to Fixby, fortunately for me Big Phil was just behind me, we teamed up with Mick Lever, caught Damien and formed a little group that stayed together, collecting additions along the way, until the half way point, Lee Lane, or as its known in cycling circles, Shibden Wall. From thereon Phil and I stayed together having occasional meets with Mick but I'm not too sure what happened to Damien - he was with me at the a quarter of the way up Shibden Wall, when I reminded him of the day he had said to me that if he ever got to the stage where he felt he needed a triple chainring he would give up cycling - he got off to walk then and wasn't seen again.
Plenty of food, drink and banter at the 3 feed stations, great weather and free armwarmers for all riders, a great day out and a must do event for next year.
ps. with the help of my triple c/set I managed to ride all the climbs with ease - I've eye witnesses that Paul Daly had to walk on more than one ascent - but I don't mention it to him.

This coming Saturday Phil and I have entered the Macclesfield Monster sportive, Simon and Mel are considering riding - VS's John, Dougie and Martin have entered - if you fancy riding you will need to get online - they are not accepting entries on the day.


  1. Paul wasn't the only one walking - in fact I took my inspiration from him! Yes - I had a bad day but it didn't spoil my enjoyment and sense of achievement. I lost the front group at Scammonden and joined with Chris Thompson & Paul Daly but by Ovenden I was ready to call it a day & let them go.
    I pushed on steadily till I punctured my rear tyre on a rock over the 'Old Road' & changed the tube without realising it was damaged on the side wall and it blew out in spectacular fashion at Friendly. A quick call to Nige who had just returned from mountain biking with Ian & Steve and he soon appeared with a spare tyre allowing me to continue on my painful way.
    It is a spectacular & memorable day out and it was interesting to read and hear the comments of others confirming what we already knew - that it's about as tough as it gets !
    I'm going to pass on the Macc. Monster & try & purge this grim cold. Good luck guys.

  2. Peter i waited for you twice you didnt catch me, only for you to leave me after shibden wall, Cheers