Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cracking On

Sounds like your mechanical woes didn't spoil your day Pete - It was still a 'Gold' time. You did turn down my invitation to start with us - but in any case we didn't have a cassette remover with us either ! 
Yes. a stunning ride on a stunning day, with the early mists, sunshine and the lakes like glass. I made a point of taking it all in, at least till the 70 mile feed after which I seemed to look at Roger's rear wheel a lot !
It was a joy riding up Kirkstone Pass and around Grasmere, Langdale Valley, Blea Tarn. As usual Wrynose and Hardknott were getting choked with struggling cars but we had the the lanes after Eskdale to ourselves.
This second half of the ride had some really painfull climbs and my 39x27 was getting on top of me. (I'm still resisting a 'compact'). It also got a bit hairy on narrow, rough and gated roads- but slowing down wasn't an option.
We caught the Harrogate Nova duo who were riding well & Greg Ketteringham, who is usually one of the fastest, left his fading friend and joined us - but left us on Bigland Hill, no doubt chasing the days best time. We managed to come in just 5 mins. quicker.
The good weather did help make the day but its definately a ride I would do again.

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