Saturday, June 09, 2012

Riding tomorrow ... we'll be at Keighley roundabout at 9am ... some of the Heptonstall slackers have threatened to come along, and Steve

Skipton and back was a blast. The weather cleared by 7. The roads were heavy with the rain though, and we were picking our way lightly through traffic and roadworks most of the way out. Despite or because of this Damien (who has a loose relationship with cause and effect)  managed to get some quality time to himself off the front. Coming back and on another of his sortees into introspection initiated just before the main roundabout at Keighley bypass he was joined by two others who formed a handy break as the rest of us we were held up by slow lorries and then lights. VS were out en masse and enjoying soft pedalling (which they were very good at by the way, very cunningly disguising it as trying) whilst their break buddy pressed on. I was in two minds about whether to chase seeing as Damien was there, then decided to chase, having no idea whether he was actually still in the break, and wanting to feel that we had had a ride. We caught them up top of Ingrow, by which point I was well bushed, leaving VS to attack off the front in turns, whilst I got slower and slower in response. The elastic snapped for me on the last hill, and I left it to the others, with the young un losing to John by a cock length (Chris' description)

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