Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Imps Derek Smith Mem. R.R.

Definately not the sort of day to be atop Norland Moor.
Many of the brave souls who had made the start were all jammed in the bus shelter by the Moorcock, trying to avoid a nasty cold squall which threatened to wash the last glimmer of enthusiasm out of them.
Brian, Grimpy and myself made up the Condor contingent - with other hardy flock members around the course marshalling.
Overshoes & gloves were in order and I decided that 'cracking on' would be the best policy to keep warm and avoid the mucky spray - and so it was I found myself in a break on the first lap- feeling very uncomfortable. On lap 5 of 10 I decided to let my 2 partners go - knowing my meagre contribution to the work wouldn't be missed. I ground out the next 5 laps on my own only to get caught by the bunch on the line. I gallantly allowed 6 of them passed and finished 9th in the race.
Ah well, maybe one day I will collect an envelope off John Kaye like Brian did for 3rd in his group, Grimpy finished 5th.
Thanks to Sean, John and the team and also the Condor members who helped on the day.
We can do it all again in a few weeks in Grimpy's promotion on Sat. May 26. (I can't wait !!!)

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