Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Club run sunday 12th february

Thanks to Zapper for the above video - good quality as well - is photography now dead?
In the absence of Robin, Melv and Sean it was a nice steady ride up Wharfedale. I met Ian, Zapper, Pete Smith, Pete Whiteley, Neil and Brian at Denholmgate and we were joined by Steve at Keighley. We had originally been considering Halton Gill and Silverdale but with the temperature at zero and a report of cyclists having to walk 2 miles of the route a few days previously due to ice we decided to continue up Wharfedale, around Buckden triangle and back down to Madame Zarina's at Kettlewell for a bite to eat.
After lunch we headed home down the eastern side of the valley crossing the river at Bolton Abbey and returning to Calderdale over Cringles and Ingrow.
The temperature had improved considerably by mid day (5°) and a brisk pace was maintained.
Unfortunately Pete W felt the need to attack at the start of the Cringles climb just as Ian was beginning to feel the distance (35 miles a week's probably not quite enough preparation). The others chased after him whilst Ian and I took a more leisurely approach.
As Ian and I approached the lights at Steeton they changed to red so we nipped along a couple of back streets to avoid them, blissfully unaware that our club mates were waiting for us at the lights. A tail wind to Keighley helped keep the speed well above evens and we were rolling along nicely as we hit Ingrow.
I was expecting to have sight of our erstwhile colleagues once around Hermit Hole bends and was impressed that their obvious speed had already taken out of sight; that was until Pete W came up alongside me and explained what had happened (I'm ashamed to admit I was not a little amused). We were soon together again and the pace increased as we approached Cross Roads. The tension was intense as we passed the entrance to the tip, Pete W began to pull away from me but was no match for Zapper who went round him 50 metres to the summit to take a fine victory (making it 1 each as I understand Pete W took the Cringles climb).
I guess its all good preparation for next Saturdays North West Passage.

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