Thursday, December 15, 2011

Social 'Do' of the Year

The social function of the year, The Wednesday Ride Christmas Dinner, was held yesterday at Towngate Tearooms, Heptonstall. Unfortunatly for me my cold had taken a turn for the worse and I had to join Grimpy in the list of DNS's (doubly annoying for me as I'd organised it).

22 did make the start line for what has been reported as an excellent Christmas dinner.

Most had met at the usual time and place, 100hrs Shelf Roundabout, and made their windy way to Heptonstall via Cock Hill.

Others had walked from Hebden Bridge to the Blue Pig then up the Calderdale Way to have a quick pint in The Cross before the meal.

It was good to see Mike Darke looking so fit and healthy after last years health problems.

Thanks to Phil Tempest for the photo's

And thanks to PG for taking over the financial management in my abscence.

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