Monday, November 28, 2011


As pleasant as Robins sun-moted boughs may appear there was one heck of a wind blowing at Mount Skip and other exposed parts. Also his part in the ride ended at Heptonstall, along with new recruit Graham, who was yards from his front door, and Ian Wellock who felt a calling from the Blue Pig.
Lumby joined Pete, Single Simon, Dave Saleem and myself for some of the return leg via Blackwood Hall from Ludd Foot, Mill Bank, Old Ripponden Bank and Woodhouse Lane.
Pete then had to be persuaded that the ups and downs around Exley weren't really necessary and that we would like to be home for Christmas and so we finished off with the legendary leg-breaker that is Trooper Lane.
A quite demanding day with a difference but don't ask about the stats, rarely do so few miles take so much time.

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