Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunday 18th

I'll be there, 8.30 Denholmgate tomorrow. I've been out of touch myself for weeks now but there are a few snippets of news that I've heard recently which I feel ought to released to the waiting world via the Blog.
The main news being the first ever success by Condor Road Club members at the (in)famous Paris-Breast-Paris 1200k Audax. Simon Fortune and Daniel Webb successfully completed the event. Simon, who completed the route in an astounding 61hrs, has promised to do a full report for the blog once he's woken up.
Brian ended his racing season with another win at last Sunday's East Coast Road Race on a circuit based at Burton Fleming. This was a counting event in the Percy Stallard National Series. Brian tells me that he has not got enough qualifying events to take the series overall and Grimpy, who I am led to believe was lying joint 1st in the series, must have fallen asleep during the race and failed to add to his points total.
I see that Robin was racing last Saturday, taking 2nd in the Up The Butress hillclimb at Hebden Bridge, that must have been even harder than going on a clubrun.

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