Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunday 24th July - Set Feizors for "stunning"

Denholme 08.30 or Keighley 09.00 for a steady road ride to the dales,we will be riding at autobus pace hoping to get back just inside the elimination time.

Ride report: Three met at Denholme (Ian, Nigel, Vicar) and we were joined by two more at Keighley (Melv, respendent in new "radiant" cycling gear from Italy, and Richard II, dressed all in black). Up through Gargrave, Airton, over Attermire down into Settle going steady on the descent in my case past the previous scene of a broken collarbone. Then up again over Buck Haw Brow to the fabled Feizor and enjoyable butties outside Elaine's tea rooms. The sun shone brightly all day and we had these dales pretty much to ourselves. Pottering back home we took advantage of a stonking tailwind and it was all going really well.
Until Bank Newton. Where Paul Milnes & friends caught us up and we had to try instead to look like proper cyclists for a while. It went OK initially with a reasonable tempo to Broughton and on to Carleton, where I even made it up the slight rise into the village intact. However a series of kamikaze attacks by Nige caused a yo-yo effect of chasing to catch him up followed by a screaming halt when we caught him. The finish was a lined out burn-up back to Keighley where our fiends dispersed. I was glad now to switch off up Ingrow and left Vicar to go on ahead. Back home for 2pm and time to take in the sun before watching the final stage of this year's grand Tour. I'm tempted, just about, to consider the Other Fleet Moss next week. Ian

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