Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Condor Hilly TT - 9 June 2010

CANCELLED - due to roadworks. Sorry chaps.
If you want to ride the club hilly TT its on 9 June. Ring Brian for entry details on Hx 376 136. There is club silverware at stake for the fastest Condor. Even Ian won the trophy a couple of years ago. Mind you he was also the slowest Condor that year as well - down to being the only club member to take part.

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  1. I left a message for Brian re your TT on the 9th as there are road works and temp traffic lights on the road down into Denshaw for the next 24 weeks and I doubt you'll be able to hold the event but if you do good luck but watch out for the big pot poles (craters) before you really start the decent!