Monday, May 31, 2010

30 May - Spring Bank

Just so you don't think that there aren't any Condors riding bikes here is what 've heard recently:

1. The Etape du Dales was "hard".

2. Melv rode to Dalbeattie in Scotland last weekend. Just because he could.

3. Its been very quiet on Wednesday nights with just a couple of riders each time, though apparently last week the two of us went up Cragg just behind Damian & the VS Cycles brigade and just in front of Emma from Hebden Bridge, so maybe all that's needed is a bit more coordination.

4. This Saturday the hard men rode a long audax from Richmond. If you want your name on the trophy then you'd better start logging some serious miles. Mind you there has even been a suggestion that our audax cup should be for average mph rather than miles in total - or is Melv getting mixed up with the BAR?

5. There was no ride posted on the blog so I went out on mtb with Robin this Sunday. We explored the delights of Todmorden Moor (after Studeley Pike & the rock garden) crossing the road at Portsmouth and then doing Upper Gorple, Walshaw Dean, Crimsworth Dean, top of stairs & water channel to finish downhill to home for once. The first two hours went really well - if mostly uphill and into a stiff westerly. The three hours after that I began to flag just a little. Arrived home as an empty husk. Revived later by Timothy Taylor.

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