Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday the 17th part III - And then there were 7!

By the time we glanced around in Cracoe there was a hardy group of 7 of us: John, Chris, Dom, Andy, Melvin, Niall and myself. After the hesitant start we were beginning to warm up by now and pressed on to Arncliffe without incident. On the approach to the village and with Darnbrook looming the mood in the group was similar to that in the TDF bunch on the approach to Bourg d'Oisans. The mood wasn't to last however and was punctuated with the appearance of John Lumb with tales of ice and snow on the climb, he'd turned back and advised us to do the same. So rather than turn in the road we carried on into the village to follow the road down the north side of the river. We realised this may have been a mistake as we followed the two wheel tracks separated by a 10cm thick block of ice down the middle - we carried on regardless.

It was decided that we should somehow continue with plan A as far as possible (since, in Melvins words, the original ride was 'spread across the countryside') and return via Ayton cafe. A decision that probably added a good 15 miles onto the route.

On the return trip through Carlton John Lumb was the first to crack, closely followed by Niall (who was by now on the longest ride he'd ever done!). And that's where I have to leave the report, Dad's duties dictate that you get son's home safely - so I dropped off the group. No doubt there was a further sort out, perhaps on the climb out of Conenley, perhaps out of Keighley?

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