Monday, January 18, 2010

A latecomer's tale

After a bit of a cold last week I knew that I had no lungs and no legs on Sunday. Still, I'd foolishly arranged to meet Barker at the roundabout so thought I'd better make an effort.

The old road over Withens was still blocked by snow and there was no way through in my car. I had to double back round through Mixenden instead. Now being a bit late, I though it best to let them know. Robin answered his phone and gallantly said that they'd hang on a couple of minutes for me.

Well I found Robin still waiting patiently at the roundabout - but no-one else. It was clear by the time we got to the hospital that I was never going to catch the bunch so I let Robin ride off. Looks like he never caught the bunch either and ended up riding by himself for the day, coming back over Widdop on his knees.

In the car I'd overtaken Mr Gower earlier making his way through Denholme so now I waited by the level crossing and before long the familiar figure hove into view. Cracoe seemed like a good plan. They supplied bacon & egg (unlike some poncy cafes in Airton) but on brown bread rather than a teacake so only rated 5/10 I'm afraid.
We then rode back via Gargrave, being passed by Brian, Pete, et alia just before Carleton. By this stage it seemed best to finish with Paul as we were having a pleasant time and the pace was just fine for me. Even Nigel was there but he was glowing a bit and it looked like I might have had to dig in a bit hard.
Feeling a bit guilty I rode up Ingrow to Crossroads with Paul then turned back to fetch my motor. The second time up Ingrow I sat down all the way and only used one pedal ...

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