Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wednesday Night, Sunday Morning

Question "How many people work at Bradford Council?" - Answer, "About half of them" - well, unfortunately, on Wednesday night I was one of that half.

I had planned to ride a 'cross in Huddersfield and then, as time ran out, I thought I might join you, knobly tires an' all, at Whittaker's and then, as more time ran out, I thought I might see you at the pub; finally I decided not to bother and went home for a fish and chip supper and a bottle of Timmy Taylor's.

Never mind, on Sunday, I did get out with the usual suspects and I had a grand old day, even managed to drop Nige and Ian on the last dig up from the Caty - a little scrap to sustain me through the week. (By the way Steve, perhaps out of politeness, we didn’t mark the bacon and egg sandwiches - my score 8.5 out of 10 definitely in the top quartile and well worth another visit)

Finally, really sorry to hear about Philip - didn't know him well and didn't know he was ill so a bit of a shock to me.

Richard (Vicar)

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