Monday, January 12, 2009

Tour of Otley Report

Slightly reduced numbers for the training ride this Sunday,with just 7 turning up in Shelf. We decided to stay to the east of the Pennines to avoid the reports of rain on the wrong side. This in the full knowledge that we'd be heading directly into the South Westerly wind on our way back, ce'st la vie! With just one representative Condor (Damian) we did wonder where the Condors were - but didn't dwell on it too long before setting out for the wastes of Bradford.

We were doing Melvin's ride of last year, through Otley over Leathley, Beckwithshaw, Bland Hill, Swanby Reservoirs and back to Otley. Damian and Neil's legs decided they were having none of the pace set by John Dohety and Chris Thompson as soon as the gradient went upwards after Leathley and took the short cut back to the cafe in Otley. Soon after the reservoirs the distance was getting to Niall, so Sean gamely stayed back with him while Martin Gargett, John and Chris pushed on into the gale force headwind.

A quick regrouping in Otley and we were all together for the push home. Inevitably, tired legs kicked in again on the grind out of Bradford and the group split, much as it had before. The rain held off long enough for us to get home dry - another good hard ride under the belt.

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