Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Kettlewell Report - 4 Jan 09

The first run of the year seemed to go OK and people joined in or dropped out as they wanted. It was good to see so many out. Sean & Niall, Grimpy, Damien, Irish John, Young Johnny, Melv, Vicar, myself, and Andy (eventually, after he'd chased on all the way from Denholme to nearly Skipton - it was good extra training and I'm sure he's benefitted from the workout).

There were still five of us to enjoy the good butties at Madame Zarina's cafe and watch the 2CVs go past. On the way back we met up with Janice & Paul Hicky who were coming home from Cracoe. I think they were the last remnants of the joint club run but I was happy for a few miles at that pace.

Not wanting to overburden the roads with too many riders in one big group we then managed to split four ways. I'm not sure how, but Vicar managed to become separated from us while ingesting his Black Cherry Yoghurt Flavoured Energy Gel just before Cononley and he decided to go the "other" way through the village. So, Vicar turned left toward the main road. The rest made their way over the small climb to Crosshills and I found my car with Young Jonny pleading tiredness and taking a lift while John made his own way on through Keighley.

It was good to be sitting down all the way up Ingrow (with just my right ankle doing any work - on the accelerator). We eventually overtook Vicar and then, later, Paul Gower who declared himself "buggered" after apparently having riden by himself all day, but he was close enough now to Queensbury to refuse any offer of help.

Next week - Sun 13 Jan 09 - meet 09:30 at Shelf Roundabout (next to VW garage). Any suggestions for a good route?

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