Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sun 27th April - Wet in Whalley

We did meet and we did ride out first to Whalley - where Vicar was glad of the ecumenical bacon & egg barm at the Abbey cafe. After that we roamed the lovely little lanes of lancashire before finally heading for home over the herders. Thanks again for waiting for me chaps. Ian.

The plan is to meet at Hebden Bridge at 9.00am, I guess for a ride out to the west but after that I'm not sure!
Might be worth checking with Ian (who's in contact with more of the Sunday stalwarts than me) before you set of to confirm the ride's still on,

I'll be there Richard (with a jacket on i suspect), sounds like Nigel & Melv will be out and Steve too. Any body else who reads this is welcome to come along.


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