Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring has sprung


Commiserations to the ill & injured - it is unlikely there will ever be such a perfect day for the event again. Melvyn, Lumby, Richard, Clive, Paul and myself represented the Condor. Melvyn and I found ourselves with a sporting group which included Pete Whiteley, Mick Collins, a butcher from Hebden Bridge, a triathlete from Luddenden Foot, a doctor from Sheffield, a boxer from Stainland and a sprinter from VC Briganti. Spurred on by perfect weather conditions a cracking pace was sustained throughout the ride. Mick Collins and his mates 'pulled a fast one' by racing away from the Keighley checkpoint whilst others were still being served, however divine intervention struck in the form of Mick sustaining a puncture at Pecket Well allowing us to offer our sympathy to him as we passed him by the roadside on our way to finish at 1330hrs.
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  1. Pete Don't you have a home to go to?!

    You finished 13.30, I finished circa 14.15 and stayed for about 30 mins, that's 15.45. Lumby was just arriving when I left so I'm guessing this photo was taken about 16.00 two and a half hours after you'd finished, and you'd still got to cycle home!!

    Good ride - Good day even though I was abandoned by my team mates on the first climb - that's one mile out of Hebden!

    Did anyone see Damian last time I saw him was at the first check point?