Sunday, April 01, 2007

Denholme Settle and beyond

An eventful ride today (1st April).

Ian gave a new meaning to the phrase 'hitting the wall' when he - well - hit the wall descending in to Settle and had to take the rail assisted route home nursing what I fear, when the medics do their work, will be confirmed as a broken collarbone.

After threatening to turn at Settle Damien found a second wind and when I last saw him he was leading from the front. There's a moral for you there Damien stick at it, as the great Jos Naylor said it's 70% in the mind.

At some point, somewhere south of Gargrave, after about four hours on the limit, I lost my own personal battle, and to be quite frank, interest in the sight of Niel's back side and so decided to make my own way home. I'd hoped that the first real outing on my new best bike might give me an edge but every other b*****d was out on there's so no advantage there then. Moral for me Damien it's not the bike but the rider.

Hope you're well Ian - I might see you down at the Puzzle on Wednesday, but somehow I doubt it.

Roll Call:

Ian (part)


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