Saturday, June 06, 2015

Trevor Lever Mem. Skipton & Blast

It's getting very competitive - 3RT in profusion and all the areas youthful talent, Mr Gower & myself the only Condors. In the big numbers I stayed safe up front but it was a very well behaved group with the only incident some old bloke attempting to overtake 30 riders just before the turn roundabout.
As usual plenty of energy was saved for the big 'kick off' on the Ingrow with Paul Dixon starting it - I let the young legs fly away and kept my own pace ending up in a second group with Dom and Binman at 1hr 25mins. Young Jack Clarkson was in first at 1.23 with Alex Turner and other talented young lads.
I think I'm getting too old for this stuff - deciding a fine pint of Wainwright in the pub afterwards was much more enjoyable !

(I plan to be out tomorrow for a spin round Coverdale - a favourite ride for me.)

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