Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Ride Out Lunch/Presentation - Sunday 15th Feb

As you know I made a rod for my own back by suggesting at the AGM that due to attendance at the traditional annual dinner/dance & presentation falling off in recent years to unsustainable levels we should try a new formula for our annual presentation. Unfortunately for me just about everyone else at the AGM agreed so now I have to sort it.

Those who were there will know what a good buffet Joanne at Cragg Vale's Robin Hood prepared for the visit of Bernard Hinault prior to the Tour. Well I've asked her to do the same for the Condor Ride Out Do on Sunday 15th Feb (1pm for the buffet). It hasn't been easy finding a date when potential trophy winners are available and I appeal to members and friends to support this event.
I need to be able to give Joanne a rough guide to the numbers so please let me know if you are able to attend. You can text me on 07549821349 or e-mail me on petehorne@yahoo.co.uk

So I can sort out the winner of the Audax/Sportive/Reliability Ride Trophy I need details of distances covered by members during 2014 - please send details to me.

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