Monday, January 05, 2015

Ride Report

The above septenary of Condors met at Keighley roundabout today for our inaugural Sunday run of 2015. In bright sunshine, with a nip in the air, we were joined by Keith Lambert for a reasonably steady ride up to Kettlewell. Tradition dictates that from Kettlewell we return down the valley on the singletrack lane to the east of the river but for once caution won the day. Steve & Robin were keen to chance their luck on the ice but Keith and Mel (who had joined us just before Kettlewell) won the day and we retraced out route as far as Threshfield and then went down to Burnsall to spend an hour relaxing in the welcoming atmosphere of the Wharfe View Tea Rooms (along with Alistair Brownlee and his mates including a triathlete from Hungary).

From the cafĂ© the pace increased as Robin and Mel hit the front and drove the train down to Bolton Abbey and Addingham. Again the preferred route over Addingham Moorside was avoided in favour of the safer and busier Cringles. Mel said goodbye and turned off towards his home but Robin had caught the speed bug, setting a lively pace over to Silsden which saw off Ian (too much holidaying over the holiday period) and  Damien eventually succumbed to lack of miles in December.
There was no stopping Robin though, he was last seen darting through traffic in Silsden. This left Chris (who had been keeping a low profile and keeping out of Keiths way) on the front with Keith. They took us through Keighley and to the foot of Ingrow, we singled out for the bends, Chris went to the front alone with Keith locked to his wheel, I went off the back, and so eventually did the 2 Steve's.
Another great day out - and home for 2.30.

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