Thursday, July 31, 2014

Saturday 2nd August - Tour of the Peak

The Condor Road Club World Tour continues on Saturday with a tour of the Peak. We should be setting off at about 8.30am from the lay-by at the south side of the Ladybower dam. The distance is once again 80 odd miles and the mouth watering route includes Winnats, Monsal Head, the Monsal Trail, Monyash cafe, Axe Edge, Cat & Fiddle (2nd highest pub in England) and Goyt Valley - ride it now before you get too old.


  1. Hi Pete. I'm already too old for that. Whatever happened to riding on a Sunday? Have you found a new faith beyond the church of the 7th day cyclist? Ian

    1. Hi Ian, its just so I can guarantee being home for Sunday tea - give it a try, I could do with some company on the climbs.