Monday, May 19, 2014

Unchained Malady

A warm and pleasant day for a ride out on quiet roads over Deerplay. I think this was a first for Oakworth Steve, but we all enjoyed the great views. I was going extra slowly to enjoy them even more, while Steve Barker seemed intent on using his newly-acquired fitness like a puppy with a new toy. Luckily Nigel was on hand to offer advice and urge restraint.
There was panic on the streets of Whalley as we found the Abbey tea rooms firmly closed and the only other buttie establishment in town was full to overflowing. A keen sense of smell then came to the rescue - leading us to the farmer's market in a car park round the corner, which included sausage man (home-made, premium blend, freshly roasted) and coffee man (likewise).
The ridge road took us back toward home (this being only a pleasant potter), until Nigel decided to come to a screaming standstill. A broken gear hanger left his deraillieur dangling, until it got caught in the spokes and locked the rear wheel. Just as well it happened at 4.5 mph on the crest of a rise, not 45 mph on a fast downhill section. A repair was attempted but the chain had twisted and declared useless. That left Nigel on his hobby-horse - a bike without transmission being just a pretty useless ornament.

We rolled on to Barrowford, pushing our non-peddling partner, whereat Nigel took time to inspect the local architecture and sample the local fayre while waiting for a lift home (pub built 1605, Blonde Witch ale, and Sue the super-star wife for that's the second lift back this year!). Meanwhile we completed our intended route over Herders, into a cooling breeze/nagging headwind, to return safely home.

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