Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Road Race and what we want to do in future?

Surprise! Surprise! The event seemed to be successful and the majority of the competitors enjoyed it. Entries were less than expected due to a number of factors including clashing with the yorkshire vets championship. 
With hindsight we had just one missed marshal location, which was the T-junction prior to the turn under the motorway. We were blessed with brilliant sunny weather.
My entry summary explained the type of event including the reservoir service road and the short steep climb.
However since the original event idea the Yorkshire water service road condition seems to have improved, yes there are holes but arguably no more than often found on our poor main roads. We had one puncture which I understand wasn’t on this sector.
The riders were able to race across this section and everyone climbed the scammonden wall successfully including 74-year-old Mick Ives.
Melvyn put in his usual high caliber performance finishing 3rd in the 50/55 cat. (see his blog for more details)
Competitors said that the drag into the wind to Buckstones was perhaps the most difficult sector of the course? After the event (in for a penny) I asked if they would be up for repeat event next year the answer was what seemed like a full house YES.
Mick Ives suggested the event ought to be a Stallard next year? Hang on?

Firstly club events are only possible with member’s support and thankfully the following: (I do hope I haven’t missed anyone?) Alan, Steve, Brian, PG, Sandy and Kevin (professional motor bike marshal) provided their kind assistance. I had just one apologize for absence. Whilst we have limited club members, maybe 30 no doubt Peter can provide the correct number its not a great percentage. I moved a number of years ago to Saturday to minimize any Sunday ride clashes. Without our imperial wheelers friends the event would have been a flop. The following imperial wheelers assisted, Steve, Hoppy, JK, Neil (lead car), Mark (First Aid), Martin & Gale (course sign erection etc.). Dave Salem, Huddersfield star (signing on & marshaling). Derek Browne vehicle support and my son Neil’s lead car. You tell me am I doing something wrong? I believe I inform everyone through the blog was it four times? Yes ok on reflection we don’t have meetings and I should have got in touch personally? Like most things organizing anything takes time, particular with a new course, we don’t have team help.
Finally guys were in this together, don’t you want to put something back? Maybe we are just a collection of cyclists who just want to ride our bikes and blog about the rides etc.
Enough said I’m not taking my bat home I’ve had my moan? Lets make a date to have a positive discussion later this year. (Assuming you want to)?
Cheers Grimpy

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