Monday, May 05, 2014

Pottering With Pete

Pottering With Pete

Four riders set off this Sunday morning. Oakworth Steve, Pete Horne, Myself and a long missed Steve Barker, who is going really strongly at the moment.
Skipping on past Skipton and on under Kilnsey Cragg, where here 4 became 3 as Steve Barker peeled off to Arncliffe. Thank God, we could knock the pace off a little!
On to Kettlewell, where both me and Oakworth Steve realised the very same thing. Although Pete had missed the 300km Audax on the Saturday, he was to prove he could burn the same number of calories on the Sunday, by adding in a few lumps and bumps along the way. 
Below are a few of the hills we tackled,

Park Rash, (Leaves the legs with a burning irritation!)

Inline image 1

Cam Gill Road

Trapping Hill

Greenhow Hill

With a great cafe stop at How Stean Gorge on the way and fair weather. Good practice for the smaller gears and out of the saddle action.

But pottering!!!  Seriously??? HA HA!
Chris Smith

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