Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fred Whitton 2014

Maybe I'd been rather blase about the 'toughest sportive in England' with next to no preparation or training beyond a couple of steady club runs. But ... I made it. And it were a good day out after all.

Yes, the scenery was great - I'd forgotten how lovely the Lakes are. No, I didn't have to walk - both Hardnott and Wrynose were tackled on the bike. Yes, it rained a fair bit, but it was also fair - at least for a little bit. No, I've no plans to enter the Fred for next year, but Yes I'd do a ride in the Lakes again soon if I could.

I rode under the colours of 'Team Imediate' (one of the sponsors who kindly organised my entry - many thanks Patrick!). Adrian Lord was the sole representative of Condor RC. Of course, that being the case, I had to let him finish in the faster time.

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